Protenergy Foods


The Tetra Recart package is the world’s first retortable carton-based system designed for shelf-stable products with particles of almost any size. Protenergy is one of a very few select facilities in North America offering the Tetra Recart process.

With Tetra Recart, products traditionally sold in cans and bottles such as beans, vegetables and thick soups can be sterilized inside the carton - offering shelf stability for up to 24 months.

Packages are available in 340, 390 and 500 ml sizes (11 to 17 oz). This compact shape ensures efficiencies throughout the entire process from production to consumption. Tetra Recart offers incredible transport ratio efficiencies compared to tin or glass and takes up to 40% less shelf space.

The square design allows for maximum brand impact and printing on all sides. The lower package weight is ideal for consumer handling and the product is easy to store and safe to open.

Further, the Tetra Recart package is produced with renewable resources and is completely recyclable for minimal affect on the environment and is BPA free.